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Well, That Was A Tuesday...

The day began with penguingoddess breaking our long over-due date due to a sudden onset of pink eye. No worries, as I haven't seen her in over 3 months now, so my eyes are fine. However, I suddenly had Tuesday night free, which turned out to be a good thing on many levels.

First, as I ran into town to mail off some CD's and get some groceries, I check my voicemail to find that Roni is in hysterics. It seems the Noe has been getting increasingly abusive in her presence. Now, he'd argue it wasn't directly AT her, merely AROUND her. Those of us who have been around walking anger management problems like that know full well that it's almost as bad as being directly abused (my step father comes immediately to mind regarding this).

So, after coming home and having an absurdly late breakfast (I had this huge craving for an omelet, english muffins and bacon, so I made this at around 3:30 PM) and filling in Michele and Ron (both of whom were extremely supportive) I headed into the city. Oh, I should note that a) Roni didn't ask me to come in, that was something I had pretty much decided by the time I arrived back at the house, and b) literally just AS I had resolved this, steelmagnoliaca called on the phone to tell me I should go in. I swear, sometimes I think people really DO all share the same brain (paging Dr. Jung).

The drive up was actually really nice. However, I was too distracted as to what I would do once I got there. If things weren't already bizarre, Michele calls me to tell me that someone had called the house asking for me, a Sherri. It turned out to be someone I had met in South Dakota (a LONG story, of course!) seven years earlier. She was in town on business, and wanted to chat and catch up while she was here. I told her that there were no guarantees, as I was dealing with a Girlfriend in Crisis.

We had dinner at Los Trancas, Roni and I, and she had a good rant. That seemed to help her a lot. I think (actually, I know) she's about had it, though I still feel sorry for Noe. In his defense, it has to be terrifying to have your world go slowly dark like that (he has a degenerative eye disease that's incurable and progressive). But this "pushing everyone away by being a total shit" is getting old fast.
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