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From the Wilds of Tracy, CA...

This post is actually taken from one written off-line last friday... Lot's of fun and way too much information.

Well, I find myself with some time on my hands...a rarity for me. Even laid off from a job that used to take anywhere up to 70, 80 hours a week I have managed to keep myself busy enough to ask "where the hell did the time go just now?" on a fairly regular basis.But Roni's gon south to San Diego to meet up with Valerie (and others) for some fun. I know that she's gotten offers from one young gentleman for sexual hijinx, and her blonde beauty has designs on her as well. She doesn't know it yet, but I slipped some goodies into her luggage (after I confirmed it would be checked!): My set of talons and several sets of nipple clips and chains. There's a pair that originally were intended to be used as picnic table cloth weights, plastic clips with weights shaped and colored like egg plants...always a hoot at parties.So, I dropped her and the bag of tricks off at Oakland airport, already missing her terribly and asking for pictures, around 1:30. She flew out at 3, and should almost be in SD as I write this. I suspect she and Val will do the serious smooch thing in the airport, stunning 'danes for a radius of about 50 feet. Neither LOOKS like a dyke, after all, as they are both "girlie girls", and as their lipstick colors intermingle the hushed whispers and rude comments are almost audile to me now. Yes, I speak from experience...watching the two of them kiss is among my most cherished of happy thoughts, reserved for those times when I feel blue.In my typical, goofy way I managed to convince myself that I would be running a lot later dropping her off...I suspect I heard "3:00". Since my plans for the weekend involved finding my way to Pleasanton to see Lord of the Rings with Karin and Linda (they haven't, I have but want to see it again...it's SUPERB) I figured I would be fighting the Friday SF Bay Area traffic up 580, which has at times been backed up from Interstate 5 to the Castro Valley "Y". Instead, I found myself with all of this free time, and a list of people I knew that would love to see me to help me to enslave it again.However, Kathleen (at the top of that list) was off to San Jose to bring Mike to a chiropractor I had recommended. He's BBW and Poly friendly (Jeff is one of those rare creatures -- straight, but not narrow, as the sticker goes) and VERY good at what he does, and frankly, Mike's back worried me.(DIGRESSION 1)Kathleen and I have been seeing each other for about 9 months now. I had met her nearly 5 years ago, at the first PantheaCon in San Jose. She was barely out of college, thick legged and bustle butted, and very sweet. She has the classic irish peasant body thing going, one of the types I adore. She was also smart. Last year she suddenly realized I was SERIOUS when I flirted with her, or at least she began to realize how beautiful she was.She also has busy eyebrows, which also sometimes makes me weak. No, I have no clue why. I find my own tastes downright bizarre at times, and pretty much concede that's how it's going to be.Anyway, we were becoming very close when the poor dear was laid off herself. After all the support she had given ME during this bizarre employment hiatus, I felt somewhat helpless: She would probably only be able to ride it out for a few months before she would have to move. Her fall back plan: Moving into her late grandmother's house in Michigan. This was disturbing to me on many levels.Fortuna smiles upon us at times, but occasionally you have to tickle her first. Kathleen was seeing this man in Fremont named Mike. Turns out his wife had met me when she lived in Colorado, when I had attended my last DragonFest there 10 years ago. Surreal circles striking again!While I can't give specifics, I can assure that it did NOT involve any magickal coercion...I don't do that. All I did was get them all talking. They're now a trio, in love and happy in Fremont, of all places.I finally met Mike's wife, realizing I remembered not only her, but her two children...now 18 and 16. It's VERY disturbing being introduced to someone who was completely off the sexual radar ten years before who was now this statuesque (6'2"! My height...sigh...) goddess. Yes, Gwen's daughter is a major babe. And, fortunately, the "legal" one. Not that I would do anything...not that GWEN would have a problem with it, but that the girl would have to come along a bit further before I could let her get that close.Who knows...by the time she's 25, I might think about it. Yes, I know...she probably wouldn't want to have anything to do with an ancient like myself. I'll be, what, 45 by then? Shudder....It was weird running into someone like that again. I had made a pass at her all those years ago. Turns out she would have responded in kind, but she was monogamous and married to a mormon at the time. Now, she's thoroughly bi and poly, married to the aforementioned Mike.I can't begin to describe how nice it was to be welcomed into their home the way they welcomed me...I had stopped by to catch up with Kathleen after so many weeks apart (she had to deal with moving, then the holidays and a trip back east, then a couple of weeks at the beginning of the year when I don't think ANY of us was up for socializing). Next thing I knew I was being kept for dinner, trapped between two bbw's and dealing with occasional banter of her boy and Jenny (the oldest, who is on the other couch crocheting faster than I've ever seen it done before, wondrous weaves springing from a single hook in her hands). Kathleen later tells me the kids interacted with me more than the previous month and a half she's been there with anyone. I suspect it's because I'm not trying to be all full of adult bullshit, and equally not afraid to look like I don't know everything. It was nice, being there and not feeling like a stranger. I'm having fun baiting the barely legal cutie in front of her mom, and we all chuckle at her blush when I score some interesting hits. We're all pretty much geeks from way back, so even a joke involving an IMSAI 8080 in the punch line produces laughter (the ultimate visual interface! Old geeks will get it. The rest will just wonder what the hell I'm talking about). Jenny cooked dinner, a stir fry chicken thing that is really good. But it's Thursday night, so I'm off to Roni's.This takes us to the second time, when I decide to skip the dance in Martinez and go there instead on a whim. In really just want to hang out and watch stupid movies, and the TV schedule obliges us with "Into The Night" and "Earth Vs. the Spider", the latter reducing us to painful laughter as we go totally MST3K on it (it's a B movie classic: A giant spider is "killed" with massive quantities of DDT, which is then brought to the local high school gym for safe keeping. It is, of course, revived to cause much destruction -- after a rock band starts to practice it's evil brand of pinko commie music. Much hilarity and bad matte camera work ensues).I had done some work on Gwen the last visit, mostly on her back, and it had worked so well she wanted me to see if I could do it again. I give her a back massage, and then rub down everything else with the obvious exceptions...and I was the one who didn't want to go there. No, let me re-phrase that: Gwen was as sexy as when I first hit on her ten years ago. But I really like that family, and don't want to rush.Kathleen suggested I give Mike some help. Since Mike is both a) skinny and b) SO not my type physically, I'm surprised at how comfortable I am at agreeing to do it. However, I find myself thwarted by a couple of obstacles. First, it's discovering that a technique developed after years of working with larger bodies doesn't translate easily to someone with far less padding. Also, almost immediately after I started to work on his back, I realized the energy was just WRONG.I know, the skeptics out there are probably guffawing at that one. But I've discovered I really do feel something...perhaps it's just a subconscious detection of something the circulatory or nervous system gives off. In any case, I give up after about 15 minutes, practically ordering the man to go to a chiropractor, promising to get him in touch with a couple that I personally trusted.(END DIGRESSION 1!)Which is why Kathleen wouldn't be able to meet with me this afternoon, thus giving me so much extra time that I find myself rambling endlessly into my iBook deep in the heart of Tracy, CA.The plan is to crash together tonight, play tomorrow, and Karin wanted to kidnap me for her own nefarious purposes for Saturday night. I'm more than willing...Karin is wonderful to be with and a delight to play those physical magickal games.Look at that! It's almost 5:30...Linda should be here soon. I should wrap up this entry for now, if only because it's already an obscene length. I suspect I'll have a few of these coming out as I catch up on the past couple of months AND keep up with my current state of mind.
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