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I Saw The Red Door

I know, it's been one of my slow posting weeks. What can I say, there's been too much going on.

I never got around to talking about the shopping trip that lovingstones, lavendersage and myself embarked on LAST Thursday. Audra got the idea that it would be handy to combine picking up the wife in Oakland with a Beltaine inspired shopping trip to Mr. S' Leather on 7th in SF, with the idea that I could drop the lovelies off at the Civic Center BART on my way to pick up Roni.

I *finally* got some of the ice cream I had been craving since Audra had mentioned it several weeks earlier... in fact, when it looked like we wouldn't have time to get it, I got downright crabby about it. I think I would have been a lot more reasonable if A and E's landlady hadn't hired the previously mentioned goofballs to paint their place, as we wound up forced to stick around there a lot later than intended. Since I had specifically gotten my butt their by 11 so we could have wild, sweaty sex and then actually Do Something Else (yes, it's NOT the only thing on my mind), waiting for the front door to dry so it could be closed was less than an exciting substitute.

Yes, it's been painted burgundy. When I saw it, I couldn't help saying, "You have a red door!"

Audra says (not realizing that she's playing a straight girl... which, considering she is far from it, is funny), "Yes! I do!"

Without missing a beat, I reply "Well, I want to paint it black."

Look of puzzlement, and then the coin dropped.

So, I got my two scoops of chocolate chip mint in a waffle cone at the 31 flavors place (remind me to tell you about meeting and talking with the man who walked away from the Baskin/Robbins fortune to become a militant vegetarian author sometime), we picked up Eileen from the place she was sipping a smoothie, and made killer time getting into the city.

For the first time in 15 years of California living, I had 3 people in the car during Car Pool hours, and was able to go over the Bay Bridge without paying toll. Call it a bizarre personal victory. We slid into town, pulled into the miniscule parking lot next to the store (one space left...yes! My parking karma holds!) an had a lovely shopping trip. There was a sling that Audra tried on for size, making Eileen and myself quiver to watch.

They wound up dropping a small fortune on some kick ass floggers and a collar... but just when they thought they got out of there, the counter guy told us about the place across the street, Madame S.

While Mr. S has some "fashion" accessories, it's mostly of the male slanted variety (or "butch" if you prefer... there were a few lesbian couples wandering the aisles, other than A and E, of course!). Madame S turned out to be for the more femme inclined. Audra wound up scoring this kick ass dress that I hope to photograph her it really soon. If she let's me, I'll post one or two of the cleaner pics here.

Dammnit, this was supposed to be a QUICK entry. I think I'll post this and finish it later.
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