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A Darn Good Reason To Be Busy

Well, it was a long run of visits and visitors. I literally wound up in four cities, visiting four people, over four nights. Yes, sex was involved.

Of course, when ambar crashed at the Boulder Creek house last night, we actually DIDN'T. Have sex. Yes, one of the signs of the apocalypse has indeed come to pass, verily.

In not much of a writing mood... but Ambar had pointed out she figured I was either really busy, or really sick lately. Here's somthing to hold y'all over until I find some more time to post:


Yup...EXACTLY the Right Length!

That's right, it's lavendersage in the PVC tutu she bought during our foray into SF with lovingstones, as worn during the May 10 Beltaine celebration. Mrrrrrrrrow!
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