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Yeah, I finally got back to this journal. Sorry for the delay, it's been an intense period in my life. Not necessarily BAD... just intense. Labor intensive as well.

The memorial day weekend was oddly fun: I spent the first couple of days with Roni, which included a trip to see Bruce Almighty (much better than I expected, actually... though the visual puns might be lost on the slower members of the audience. Oh, and why were we the only ones laughing at the Yahoo parody "Yahweh"? Sheesh), though this got me in a bit of minor trouble with lavendersage, as I *had* promised to go see it with her, but simply forgot. Mea culpa, as they say in ancient Rome. At least some good came of that -- Audra suggested that, since we all have such similar taste in movies, that all three of us should go to the movies some time.

There was one problem -- Roni kept having trouble with this twinge in her back (probably a pinched nerve) that was bad enough for me to call Audra and lovingstones to see if Bill the Witch Doctor (chiropractic pagans! Woohoo!) could be contacted on an emergency basis. Of course, Roni hated anyone taking the trouble for her (I really have to beat the idea into her that she IS worth it), but I made it clear that it wasn't an option. Tried to make it sound like I would be forcing her to get medical attention for my own selfish reasons (I honestly was in serious horn-dog mode for her, but I mostly hate seeing someone I love in that kind of pain).

She took a flexiril and conked, and that seemed to help a bit. She felt well enough to go to the aforementioned movie, though afterwards she began to have some pain again. Calling up Audra again, I decided that it was too late for Bill, but I wanted to try something else to ease the agony. We went over to Audra and Eileen's, already in flux as they were moving their possessions into the upstairs apartment. I obtained the back medication from them, along with some apparatus designed to allow Roni to imbibe with minimal negative side effects. A & E were SO sweet to Roni.

We went home, I cooked up some dinner while we sat and watched "Two Weeks Notice" on DVD. After she took the meds, we almost didn't make it to the end of the movie -- to say she felt better would be an understatement. Before the credits finished rolling we were upstairs having absolutely INCREDIBLE wild monkey sex. I think we got next to no sleep that night.

The next day she felt SO much better, in spite of all the athletics the night before. Or, perhaps because of them -- it's always possible that she had managed to torque something back into place. For whatever reason, she was now up for lunch with Lisa at BayCon in San Jose.

We made kick ass time down the peninsula, and my parking Karma still held (this year the entire hotel is dedicated to the con. Goddess save the few mundanes that were there!), and we got to the cafe 15 minutes before we were due. Lisa was waiting, and we had a fairly adequate lunch (I think the staff turnover there is pretty bad) and had our semi-traditional post lunch hang out and people watching afternoon.

Much to my eternal delight, kshandra walked by and joined us (after one of those patented Koosh hugs that make me quiver). I got to sit back, meet some sweet eye candy (including this one lovely boy who was, unfortunately for me, straight), and generally soak up the vibes for free. It seemed more crowded and less fun at the con this year -- I think I sense another amoeba-like contosis in our near future (Contosis? Think of it as mitosis for cons).

From the "Well, If You Really Wanted to Know" Department: A former lover/friend wandered by, a BBW erotic model with something like size JJ breasts named Amber (that would be her name, not the name{s} of her breasts... though they are larger than most small children age 8) while I was getting Roni a coke from the food counter. I said hello, exchange polite noises, and she wandered on while I continued to wait on line.

When I turned around a few minutes later, I saw her having a chat at the table where Roni, Kirsten and Lisa were all sitting. She was gone by the time I got the Coke and got to the table, where I found Roni positively SEETHING with rage. Apparently Amber had walked up to the table and started a conversation with Lisa, during which she pretty much verbally eviscerated me. The phrase Roni really was stuck on was that I apparently need to be strung up with cat gut. Folks, never piss off a red-head! She was actually kicking herself for not getting up and giving Amber what-for. Considering the latter's top heavy nature and the former's 1 foot height advantage, that would have been quite an interesting thing to see.

Lisa actually was surprised to hear that Amber was talking to me... with the noise in the hall she thought that Amber was dishing on someone else, someone that deserved it. So she was having one conversation that encouraged Amber to have another.

Oh, I have no real idea why she's so angry with me. I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact she pursued me, snagged me for awhile, introduced me to one of her other lovers, and when they broke up I didn't automatically take her side. Cute, smart, and seriously damaged goods. I'm just disappointed that my attempts to at least maintain cordial relations with her are a complete waste of time. Oh well... maybe not as smart as I once thought, if she was stupid enough to shred me in front of three people that generally like me.

We didn't stay very late, as I had plans to help Audra and Eileen move the next day and really wanted to get there sooner than later. More on that, next entry!
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