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So the new place lavendersage and lovingstones are moving into is the second story of the same house they've already been living in. Actually, it's a bit weird: Technically it's the main floor of a victorian that had it's "basement" converted to an apartment. From 7 foot ceiling in a bizarrely cramped and senseless floor plan (a good 25% of their living space was eaten up by a superfluous hallway) to this bright, light space with a kitchen bigger than their old bedroom and 10 foot ceilings. It's hard to believe it's the same address!

When I got their wearing my Utilikilt I was actually early by a good hour. I was greeted by Audra, Eileen, and a few stronger backed males and females gathered for the purpose of lugging the seriously heavy stuff. Apparently I caused a bit of a sensation with the kilt, and had some of the utilikilt cards snatched from my hands. It's always kinda fun to still do something cool in the eyes of the younger crowd.

Also present was Audra's mom, who reminded me of someone who used to live across from us when I was growing up in Central Islip, NY. When she was introduced to me I didn't realize it was her mother, which probably made it a lot easier than it would have been normally. Fortunately I didn't say or do anything untoward.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the guys had already swapped the fridges (the one downstairs was brand new, and the girls had wisely negotiated to replace the older model upstairs with it) and moved up pretty much all of the heavy furniture. In fact, the huge "princess bed" had been set up already, and even the entertainment center and TV was in place. After they moved up the deep freezer, they had to leave, but considering they did more in two hours than some movers do all day, it worked out well. Audra, please post a comment with their names!

Of course, there was still a butt-load of stuff to move up, not to mention clean-up and fix-it work to get the old place in shape for the next victims tenants. I only managed to injure myself once, when switching the phones and cable service from the lower to upper levels. The nimrods who pained the house had painted the cable connectors as well, making them difficult to disconnect. I slipped while trying to get them to unseize using pliers, resulting in a nasty pinch of my right pinky finger, which promptly turned black. I HATE blood blisters.

The cats had interesting reactions. Poor bruce, who had never lived anywhere but that apartment, wound up hiding under the covers of the aforementioned bed. By nightfall he was venturing out very cautiously, and by the next day he was almost his old self.

There was so much left to do by the end of Monday that I was easily convinced to stay over one more day to help finish the work downstairs so that Audra wouldn't have to contend with too much in the way of after-work effort. Also, it gave us a unique opportunity to determine how much conversation and noise upstairs could be heard downstairs. We found out that it was only an issue when whipping activity was occurring in one room, and then only audible in one room in the lower level. Conclusion: Make sure that perverts moved in downstairs. Interested parties may comment in lavendersage's journal.

I finally got home last night a little before midnight. And so endeth the journal entry!
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