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He Wanders Back Into The Room...

This weather is insane. I'm surprised a lot more people aren't getting sick. Seriously, with the temps going from the 90's one moment, plunging down to the 50's a day later, and soaring all the way back up the following week... even the cats no longer can decide weather to shed or not. Poor Princess Tigerlilly's fur has become so tangled and matted that we were actually forced to resort to using hair clippers, only Michele's effort was thwarted by sheer thickness of the cat's coat. Bijou, on the other hand, happily gave up her hair to a variety of implements, resulting in a VERY happy cat. She even forgave me for the shower (it was so hot last week it made them a lot happier in the long run, despite some very loud complaints. One of the younger cats, Scout, was so mad she literally barked like a dog).

Yesterday I was at lavenderasage's place. It was so hot in Hayward that, despite the fact I pretty much stayed inside and avoided any physical labor, I managed to get royally dehydrated. As I pointed out to lovingstones later that night, it's sometimes more dangerous that way: You think about drinking lots of fluids when you're out in the hot sun and working/playing, not so much when you're taking it easy. Fortunately I pumped some water and felt tons better by evening.

Which is why I did most of my chores last night upon arriving home -- it was still in the 70's even getting on to midnight. As it was I was forced to open up the damn clothes dryer again (I think I need to re-pack the appropriate parts of the electrical motor with some grease, which I have to wander into town to get... ick) because the motor was starting to seize again.

I'm trying to take solace in the fact that I stand a good chance of missing the first Ancient Ways in 14 years this week. It runs from tomorrow to Sunday, up at Harbin. I'm seriously kind of depressed about it, though since it is in a inner valley it tends to get REALLY hot there sometimes. I'm still pondering the possibilityh of running up there and somehow camping over a day or two this weekend, which I might be able to pull off if Michele's disability money gets straightened out before then.

This is a pretty special festival for me. It's where I got my name, inspiration, and strength to face some pretty tough things in my life. I think I could manage to scrape together a 100 bucks to attend -- In thought about work trading, but that's been so much of my life of late I kinda want a break.

Well, off to town to get grease. Why does writing that make me giggle like a loon?
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