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Just About Had Enough Of THAT...

Well, I think this makes three or four times that I managed to actually get sick. It's been a few years... hell, decades... since I've been sick this often in a single year. Fortunately it's still a case of powering through the thing in a couple of days, as miserable as it is. I think it's a sign of stress.

I managed to recover well enough to get to penguingoddess's birthday party yesterday (huzzah!) but lavendersage was so worried about catching whatever I have that she asked me not to come over tonight. So I sit at Roni's and write this instead.

Friday was the roughest all the way around: Michele finally got laid off from the Company Formerly Known as Exodus. I honestly have no clue what this means over the long term, especially since she's on disability now, and could wind up on long term in the next week or so anyway. If it's anything like the LAST time she had to go on DI, it could mean things go on as they have for the forseeable future. The other possibility is that we have 6 weeks of paycheck coming in... and then nothing. We have the 401k's that could float us maybe another 6 months, if we take the hit and cash them all in. With some luck we could sell the house, make some cash... maybe...

And this is where I turn into a complete spaz attack case. Wind Yo up and watch him fall to pieces like a cheap suit in an acid rain storm.

I'm trying to take Michele's advice and doing it one day at a time. Right now I'll settle for getting a night's sleep. Hopefully I won't do something claimed by some guy in the midwest, where he says that for the last 30 odd years he's the same dream every night: He dreams he's asleep.

Try not to blow a cog trying to parse it. I think it's a zen koan thing.
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