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Shooting The Messenger

Well, my last entry has generated some interesting responses, both online and off. Given the last few days of processing, I think I can expand on some of my reasoning a bit.

First, dcatt brought up an interesting point regarding "accepting the message, but not the messenger". I need to say that the main point is that I'm NOT accepting the "message" as it was delivered. I'm also not sanguine that the message will ever improve. Since I'm treating it as more of a mirror than a window, the only way the message WILL change is realizing that I'm the one sending it to myself in the first place.

As to the risk of some of the decisions and declarations I've been making, there are several possible outcomes:

  1. I'm wrong, and there's such a thing as fate, destiny, whatever. If we take that as read, then how could I possibly hope to change it, regardless of my actions and decisions? As Perseus was fated to kill his father, who sent him to die at the hands of Neptune (and thus avoid the retribution of the Gods for killing his son), only to become a hero (he's the one who killed Medusa of the Gorgons. You know, the snake haired chick. And you thought dreadlocks were hard to handle!) and accidentally kill his father by an errant discus throw during the Olympics. In other words, if I'm predestined to do something I'll wind up doing it anyway, and it'll drip with the irony of my denials.

  2. I'm right, and we're on our own, there is not path. Well, that's pretty much a no brainer.

  3. I'm only kinda right, there's only potential for a given direction, and there is a driving force on a cosmic scale. This gets kinda messy, as the variations are all over the place. If the gods are like the aforementioned classic pissy greeks, full of the exaggerated human characteristics of vindictiveness and jealousy, I'm already pretty much screwed. I'll wake up one morning with a fish head, or at least thinking I have one. Or, they have a sense of humor and I'll just be a celestial sitcom for awhile.

I honestly think number two is the most likely of the situations, but if it turns out that I'm a puppet of the cosmos, or that the gods will laugh, I can live with that.
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