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And the Verdict Is...

...two thumbs up. WAY up. As Michele pointed out, there are critics who hate anything that isn't obscure, and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" isn't obscure prattle penned by some pompous James Joyce wannabee. I mean, sure, Ulysseses was great and and all... but even as voracious a reader as myself with as eclectic taste as I have had to take a college level course to get through the book. Yes, a whole course dedicated to reading that mass of allusional prose so thick it HAD to be banned... like "Louie, Louie", you knew there was some filth in all that garbled phraseology if you listened hard enough. Just KNEW it.

Anyway, so I have joined several million people in reading the book. It took me 8 hours straight, but only because I took a few breaks. I finally know where "Dobby's Mistake" falls in the canon, thus insuring that piece of demented fluff will be surfacing on restrictedsection.org Really Soon Now.

It's after 3:30 AM. Do you know where your gods are?
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