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And On and On and On and So

A rare second entry for a single day. At least, of late it's rare.

After having a good bawling after my last entry I sat down and began to work on the Book again. "Tourists" has been rattling around my brain for a long time, but I kept getting stuck on the first two/three thousand words. Essentially, I wasn't getting past Chapter One.

The first breakthrough came when I stopped thinking of it in terms of Parts and Chapters and began using the terms "Legs" and "Mile Markers" instead. My second breakthrough came last Monday, when I was complaining about it to Linda Underhill in chat, the whole thing about being stuck. She simply pointed out that maybe I was trying to hard... skip to the bit I knew, and then write the bridge in later.

Unwittingly she unlocked the whole thing for me. I only got in about 200/300 words done that night, but it was enough. Today I cranked another 3000 words with about two hours work. To date the longest single piece of writing I've done is about 12K (excluding this journal, of course). My personal goal is to get The Book past that point, as it's an important psychological barrier. Knowing that Roni's roomie Gene has made as much progress as he has on his work is a bit of a motivator: I have a lot less work to do than Gene, so maybe I should stop my whiny little pity party and get down to it. Four hours a day isn't that much. Even if I don't feel like writing, I need to start FORCING myself to sit and churn, baby, churn.

I want to get the First Leg done by the end of July. I want to get the Second done by September, and the third leg done by year's end, giving me what could be the first of a series of books.

I have a whole alternate future in my head right now, and it's a lot of fun. It'll be a lot more interesting once I get it out.
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