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Behold Yohannon, The Human Pachinko Ball!

That's what it feels like. I told lavendersage this afternoon that would be the title of this entry. If you've never played Pachinko, or even seen it played, it won't make much sense. However Behold! the power of the 'Net! You could learn all about it there.

ANY-way, lately a lot of disparate sources (like dcatt, penguingoddess, and others) have been emailing me, calling me, and generally being so damn sweet that (strangely enough) I think I'm even more in turmoil. The problem is that I'm afraid a lot of this will be viewed as some sort of ploy to get attention. I know, anyone who knows me has a good grasp of my more egotistical side, and this sure as hell isn't it. Given a choice between the past couple of weeks and getting attention, I would gladly trade it for the status of "Yohannon who?"

The writing surge I had yesterday ended around 11:30 PM. I think I could have kept going for awhile more, but there were too many signs of exhaustion beginning to kick in. When the dust cleared I had taken the book from 2000 to 12K... almost exactly. That strange boundary where I had never taken a story before.

While describing all of this to Roni, I even realized what was happening in my own story, totally on it's own. The situations and characters had set up a rather intense intertwined plot that already has suprised me a bit. I can already tell when this draft is done there is going to be a bit of a re-write... but getting this story down at all is such a breakthrough.

Now, THAT was interesting. I just realized I'm actually looking FORWARD to that re-write! There's no accounting for the perversity of some people.

In a desperate attempt to lighten up, let me just tip my hat to the US supreme's for that toe tappin' number they laid down today (with the exception of Scalia's "Some of my best friends are friends with waiters who work with those sorts of people" rap). Stunning. My jaw actually dropped. It with some bemusement I hear about all of the conservative twits going on about all the laws they want to pass to somehow overturn this. Guys... you lost. It's over. They decided it in the way they did to keep y'all from even trying. You wanna waste your money and time on it, go right ahead.

Of course, there was that lesser heard stunner overturning the retroactive extension of statute of limitations regarding child molestation. As saddening as it is, I had to agree with it. Pass a law now and say "from now on the statute of limitations on child molestation never expires". Happy. "Oh, and that includes all the crimes that have already expired". Oops. Re-read the constitution, guys.

Okay, it's too damn hot. Again. I'm seriously considering taking Roni to an all night bowl. Air conditioning and silly shoes. I'll even wear the kilt, just to see if it improves my game any.
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