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Of Heat, Toasting, and Bowling...

So, as it turns out Serra Bowl is a 24/7/365 establishment. They NEVER close. Ever. Of course, that didn't explain the locks on the doors -- I guess those are for unforeseen natural disasters.

What's a FORESEEN natural disaster? A hurricane. You can see one of those fuckers coming. In many ways it's not much better than not knowing when the next large quake is coming, and after 14 years we're due here in the Bay Area. Though with a Hurricane I admit that you do have the option of boarding up the windows and battening down the hatches. Didn't help much when Gloria slammed into Long Island that time, but at least it made everyone feel better, gave them something to do as the sky grew dark and ominous in that way that's impossible to describe unless you've seen it yourself. People who've seen it know exactly what I mean. Video and pictures just don't do it justice: It's almost like trying to describe the color of ultra-violet to someone.

So, we bowled unto 1:30 AM last night. Not only was the alley itself air conditioned, but Daly City was a livable 72 degrees. Yes, at MIDNIGHT. We had been heartened by a rather funny review of Serra Bowl that turned out to be almost accurate, except the part about "Country music hell" (it was actually more of a pop/hard rock/alternative pastiche) and the game room being open all night as well (darn).

Major points to the staff for being friendly and courteous to a fat girl in a pink dress and 49'er cap and the dude in the hawaiian shirt and kilt. Yes, I actually wore it. Roni snapped off a pic, but I haven't had a chance to see how it came out yet, as the damn thing decided to die just as I went to take a picture of HER. If it even came out as well as a picture of bigfoot, I'll post it here as proof of my certain unsanity.

A few observations:

  • Roni sez: Don't wear a thong. 'Nuff said!

  • She was also right about how distracting dangly bits were bowling in a kilt.

  • The place was damn near packed when we got there, almost entirely of asians, some of whom were SCARY good bowlers. The guy in the lane next to me had this technique that freaked me out (and is almost impossible to describe), but was effective as hell. No one could have been over 25... they must have had endless hours of mirth over us.

When we got out we savored the freeway air as long as we could. When we got back to the Western Addition, though, the temperature had climbed back to about 85... yes, at nearly 2 AM. We hit the 7/11 on Noe in the Castro, where (despite the still lingering celebratory crowds over yesterday's Sepreme Court Surprise) we actually found parking. That was good, because it was just the right temperature for ice cream!

Sleep was not an option. Roni finally fell out, but the poor thing tossed and turned all night. I just caved into the idea I wasn't going to, and managed to get a ton of stuff done, including finally fixing a CD that an incredibly patient customer has been waiting for six weeks now. I know, sometimes I'm a bit too much of a perfectionist, but this was a matter of functionality with some current browsers that made it really ugly. I'm going to give the guy a special discount on his next order.

Well, speaking of which, that order is just about done... shoot, minor problem. I have to burn the disk again, but fortunately it was something easy to fix. Once I'm done with that, we're heading to BestBuy to take as long as possible to buy a window fan and a TV. Later!
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