Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Friday Night Entry Delayed, Dawg!

[when I went to pop this on last night, our net connection was toasted!]

Okay, take two. iJournal died during my last attempt at this, and I was on such a roll, too. Ah well...

Anyway, I wanted to do a fast entry about the incident at the Safeway on 16th (near the Best Buy where Roni and I were perusing color TV candidates to replace the 10+ tear old Sharp that's beginning to suffer from various bizarre fun-house mirror-y effects and possessed by ghosts). Now, considering I was still wearing the kilt, I'm trying to keep an open mind about alternative sartorial choices. Yet, when we saw the two guys at the back of the store with their pants around their knees (no, I'm not exaggerating) I had to laugh. I've seen the baggy sagging "gangsta" thing before, so that's not what made us chuckle.

It was the fact that one of them were holding their pants over what was clearly a broken leg.

It's simply a comedy routine waiting to happen, isn't it?

I lied, there is one other thing I want to jot down.

We escaped the heat today by heading to the Century in Daly City to catch "Charlie's Angels, Full Throttle". Tasty movie junk food, ignore the asshole critics. Go and have a good time. But that's not why I brought you all here today.

I went to stand in line and there was this woman sitting and reading "Order of the Phoenix". Within 30 seconds we were going full bore fannish with each other, which was a bit surreal for me. (And no, she was NOT a BBW. So there.)

Roni got annoyed when she came back from the snack bar to find me talking about the various plot points and the latest bizarre rumors. I was so focussed that I admit I sorta ignored her. I apologized profusely when she got back from the rest room.

I actually rarely indulge my fannish side to that extent. Of course, I also suspect that it's part of the "kilt" effect: People seem less threatened by a guy in a kilt.

Ok, time to watch "Monk". It's a jungle out there.
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