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Guide To Surviving Pride Weekend in SF

I should have posted this days ago, but now is as good a time as any. It looks like the weather has cooled off a lot. That's good. The bad news is that the weather could get hotter than expected. This IS California.

  • Sun block. Especially at the early afternoon, you'd be amazed at how little shade can be found downtown along the parade route.

  • Water, and lots of it. The pigs on the parade committee often cut lucrative sponsorship deals with people like Budweiser that locks out even the sale of water. There might be a store or two not under their influence, but don't count on it lasting very long. Bring enough to share, and avoid spending money at any of the food/drink booths.

  • Pace yourself. It's going to be a manic scene this year because of the queer emancipation that went down this week.

  • Don't be guilt tripped into donating any money at the parade itself. Always check out the charitable organizations that claim to be collecting money for...well, anything, actually. It's real easy get swept away by all the celebration and toss money into any ol' bucket. Resist.

Me? No, I'm not going. I've been seriously disillusioned by the parade since I worked that rouge booth out of the state building steps and had to sic the CHP on the "gentle loving people" who tried to intimidate us into shutting down. Actually, they tried to intimidate ME into shutting down, as I Roni and Noe were inside getting some more supplies.
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