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Look! The Fog Is Rolling In

So, today the fog rolled back into SF. That alone might be what it takes to restore my faith in the divine. I admit it... I hate being cold, but the heat isn't my favorite. I can TOLERATE the heat better, but it's still a miserable thing when it's excessive.

We lolled about the room, relishing the coolness for a good part of the day today. Roni finally managed to get enough sleep, waking every hour or so to insist that she didn't want to sleep, and to yell at me for letting her sleep. I told her I didn't have the heart to wake her, especially since she gets this really sweet look when she's that relaxed.

We left around 4:30 ish to grab some food over by Serramonte, which happened to have a Circuit City and a Good Guys. Since she is still in the market for a new set, we checked out Circuit City first.

It was a fine trip. One person asked if we needed help, and we demurred. Comfortable. We had plenty of time to play with a few sets, talk about the differences, and leave.

Then we went to the Good Guys.

First thing I noticed was a remarkable lack of cars in the lot. Making it worse, considering the crowd of employees just inside the show room doors, half of those weren't even the cars of customers.

From the moment we walked in the door, we were approached and asked if we needed any help. The first, oh, six times I think I shrugged it off. After the seventh, I got a little testy. Making it worse, they HOVERED. If I say I don't want help, DON'T hover... I'll go get you. It's not like I couldn't go find you, what with the 20 employees within 20 feet of me. It just SCREAMED "commissioned sales".

To make matters worse, their prices sucked.

As we walked out, a couple of salespeople walked out behind us, and for one terrible moment I thought they were going to follow us to the car, asking if we needed help.

So, we snagged some icy goodness for Roni and headed back into the city, where we managed to run headlong into the Dyke March. We were detoured around the park off of 18th and Church, which was packed with thousands of women. Roni remarked "there you go... your version of paradise!" to which I replied "well, I would either come out of there with several dates, or a riot would break out and I would be beaten". Roni thought I was indulging in hyperbole, but knowing my odd effect on people, anything is possible. "You know, my taste in women would be incredibly sad... if it weren't for the number of dykes who like me."

I joked it might go a long way to restore my faith if parking mysteriously opened up before us, an unlikely event even on a NORMAL saturday night in the castro. Instead, I think it was the stopping at the next light when a contingent of Dykes on Bike rolled by, with more luscious strong babes per capita anywhere. Mrrrrow!

My heart withstood the stress, and we made it back to Roni's intact.

I have more to write about... but I think that entry's going to be a private one. Later, y'all!
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