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Geeks in Love...

ambar is here tonight (as he has aleady noted in her journal), and after a lovely several hours of hanging out, sex (yum!), tubbing, and catching up with Buffy. She actually hadn't seen the really evil Buffy/Evil Willow online comics that avalon33 pointed out recently. Surprising, as this is the same woman who introduced me to Buffy slash in the first place ("I am Xander's prostrate. I am a happy thing.")

So, here we are, perusing our mutual LiveJournal entries, each with our own wireless iBook (clam shell style, mine graphite, hers bondi blue). She's lying out in a position not too dissimilar from her photo, only that one is of her leaning against a cliff. Oh, and she's wearing her glasses, which make her enourmously sexy to me. I think deep down I have always been a geek, with a penchant for nerdy BBW girls.

Today Rob and Michele were in a minor accident. Nothing too serious, just a bit of a run in with some black ice on Highway nine. Scarier was the SUV that spun out as they surveyed the damage from where the pickup had buried a fender into the side of the mountain, barely missing them as they stood by the side of the road. Wisely, they decided against the rest of the day, got chiropractic help, drugs (all hail flexiril and vicodin!) and return home. This worked out well for Michele, who has some obscene number of sick hours (I think it amounts to 6 *weeks* worth) that will simply vanish into the ether when Exodus ceases to exist in its current form, and is re-born as a Cables and Wireless subsidiary this Friday. Makes you want to call in sick more often, doesn't it?

Speaking of chiropractors, Dr. Jeff sent me a lovely thank you for sending him Mike...apparently, Kathleen says that they really liked him, and he's been doing wonders for Mike. I got the card today, with Michele pointing out that the handwriting on the envelope was actually hers...the good doc had her fill it out with the home address for him.

Roni's visit to San Diego went really well, tho' unexpectedly so. I won't risk annoying certain people by going into too much detail, though I can say that the main reason she went down (read: have wild monkey sex with Valerie) did not happen. She has been promised "double sex" the next time she comes to SF, which will prolly be April.

I might be able to help pay off that debt sooner...Valerie, bless her, actually asked me if I'd like to fly to Atlanta with her on business. This was because of a joke I made when I heard she was flying out there: She basically wanted to know if I was serious, because she would try to make it happen. Much jaw flapping on my part ensued.I wrote back, and told her that I would MUCH rather go to BaT with her...I really would like to see Elizabeth (it's been since August, and I miss her terribly...though it really IS a lot easier since she got a cell so I can call her regularly), and a few other people. Val's the kind of person to enjoy playing at that sort of thing. Of course, it's also possible she's already responded to that idea in the negative (I plan on checking my email after I post this messive).

Well, Ambar's wrapped it up for the night...apparently her system has had a mystery freeze twice since we've started, and she's taken that as a sign that it's time to crash (no pun intended). That's what she gets for running system 9. I'm going to do a quick spell check on this and post -- I think that's one thing about Phoenix X I don't like, is the fact that it doesn't integrate some of the OS X services as well as it should. Oh well...I'll just keep trying clients until I find one that works.

(Edit: The stupid off-line client managed to mangle this post so badly I had to go back in and tweak it. Sheesh...)
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