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Deadly Funny

So Roni is a major Many Pantikin fan. No, really. The only reason she would watch Chicago Hope was the chance to see him appear. She's seen him live in concert (and yes, he DOES do the "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya..." line. He loves the fact people adore that). She has an undying hatred for Barbara Streisand because she didn't let him sing in Yentl.

So it was pretty much a given we would see the new Showtime series, "Dead Like Me".

To say this series is hysterical is an understatement. It's also smart, well written, with fun characters. If you get showtime, catch it. If you don't, find friends who do and have them tape it. Better yet, cave in and get the premium service... it's almost worth ordering just for this one series.

I might have found a Buffy replacement. Let's hope no one fucks it up.
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