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Warning: Contains One Geek

Well, Roni and steelmagnoliaca are crashed on a comfy king size bed, snuffling sweetly in their sleep. We're on the 13th (and yes, it's 13!) floor of a Hyatt in SF's financial district, with a fairly decent view of the bay. Whether this will allow us a decent view of the fireworks tomorrow later today remains to be seen. No pun intended, of course.

I couldn't sleep, so I set up the computer in the dark. You know those maniac SEAL's who can assemble complicated weaponary entirely by feel? I can do the with computers. The hotel has high speed access for 10 bucks per 24 hours, but I decided to see if I could get this Verizon cell phone hack working. I got the cable from Radio Shack (20 bucks... only 25% of the cost of the motorola branded cable) but hadn't really tried beating it into shape before now. Fortunately I had everything I needed already on the portable, including arcane incantations designed to send the phone into "program mode" (needed because I had to set the default data rate).

You see, with this USB cable and the T720, I get "free" net access... "free" defined as it doesn't cost extra, only that it uses minutes on the plan. Since I have unlimited nights and weekends, I'm cool until 7 AM. Now, this isn't their vastly over-priced 144 service... it's a measly 14.4. However, having had to cope with my horrific dial up rate of 28.8 at home, I can live with it.

My only prblem: Like a complete twit I left the AC adapter for the phone at home, so I have no idea how long I can stay unline. So far the battery is insisting it's still doing well, so who knows.

ANY way, it's good enough to do some non-intensive things... like update my LJ.

This is almost as much fun as my "War Driven" entry last year. At least it's a substantially more legit.
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