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Another Classic Late Night Entry

Though I must say... Ambien is my friend. I plan to be unconscious within the next 30 odd minutes.

Before then, I decided to pop onto the handy cell phone network to post an entry. This could be dangerous: There is literally NO reason for me to ever be without 'Net, ever again. Frightening. Between lavendersage and lovingstones high speed access (soon to be conveinently wireless) and, of course, Roni's DSL connection, I only have to deal with horribly slow net when I'm at the house in BC, or (like now) when I'm on the road.

Today we managed to have Lunch with Noe and his un-boyfriend, Thomas. At least, they're insisting that their now BF's, a ploy I suspect is a way of avoiding being hurt if someone is dumped. Thomas is considerably younger than Noe, and (as it turns out) a fellow geek who does CAD work for lanscaping architecture. Roni was not in the best of moods, so I avoided getting too sucked into a geek-fest with him. I like him. I think he's a good match for Noe's personality and attitude.

steelmagnoliaca and Noe did this bonding thing, which actually made Roni positively CRABBY. She says she felt "invisible", and that Noe "sucked all of the air over to his side of the booth" (located at Max's Opera Cafe, SF). Personally, I think Roni has a bit of a passive agressive streak when it comes to Noe. I didn't think they were so much ignoring her as she was unwilling to jump in. Since this was the ONLY time this weekend I witnessed this from Roni, I have to assume she's got this jealous streak when it comes to Noe. Nice to know I'm not the only one who's having a bit of a weird brush with green eyes of late.

Annoying but true: dragonwitchling left a message on my phone. That makes TWICE she's been in town and I was unable to take advantage of it. Ah well...

Anyway, I'm digressing. We were having Too Much Fun, and Noe was doing that thing reminiscent of "When Harry Met Sally", where Sally takes 30 minutes to order a sandwhich. No biggie... it actually amuses me these days. The waitress we had was a great sport, and we kept making sure that we weren't making her crazy.

I mention that because, at one point, there was this pinch face Rhea Perlman reject sitting at the bar making loud comments about what a loser Noe was. I didn't catch it, Roni did... I think her issue was that Noe was waving at staff trying to get their attention, seeming to be a real asshole. I forgot all about her after that, but when I returned from a trip to the rest room she was at our table making some sort of comment. Roni was pissed... apparently the bitch had the nerve to come over and ADMONISH us for abusing the wait staff!

By the time Roni relayed this to me, she was already gone. The idiot didn't realize we weren't being rude to the staff (she was dressd like she could have been a waitress herself... bitter, are we?). She also was lacking a very important bit of info: Noe is legally blind.

There's a saying I have that's perfect for people like that, and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to use it: "That stick is shoved up so far she has splinters on the roof of her mouth." 'Nuff said.

Well, we got out of there alive, Noe and Tom took their leave, and the three of us went to a benefit for Big Moves. I admit it, the big draw was the Fat Bottom Revue, in which chub babes shook it for dollar bills. Yum!

It turned out Linda Thomas was there, along with the lovely tall black BBW who made my trip to the Bounce BBW dance a couple of weeks back worth the walk from Roni's by dancing with me. Actually, to be truthful, she was dancing ON me. Yummy!

There was a singer there as well, and after a wonderful performance she had people pushing CD's... proceeds to go to paying for her services writing custom tunes for the dancer's next performance. Since the cute Black Babe (I'm sorry I can't remember her name! I'm a dork!) was MC'ing, and said that she would be frisking anyone who hadn't bought one as we left (and this is going to get us to BUY a CD?), Val and Roni asked for a frisking to induce them to BUY one.

She happily came over and did so. SHe spent a bit of time on Roni's lovely rump. She has good taste.

Odd flashback moment: There was this adorable red-head there who looked remarkably like Jen. She even wore the same kind of hat that Jen used to wear. I almost walked over and asked her name, just to re-assure myself she WASN'T Jen.

We left, came back to the hotel, and hung out for a bit. Val went to dinner with Andy, while Roni and I... well, you can guess what we did. We weren't the only ones: The people in the room next to ours where fucking so hard OUR headboard was knocking against the wall. Some of the commentary was bizarre, too, especially the bit where she kept yelling "I'm done!!!" repeatedly and for several minutes.

Val got back around Midnight, they both crashed by around 1. Which brings us to now.

I wanted to clarify something I read in one of my comments -- The picture that looks like I'm sleeping? I'm actually being photographed holding my breath under water at the Hot Tub place on Van Ness. No photo retouching at all, BTW: The odd "effects" were caused by the water ripples over my head.
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