Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Puzzling Evidence (Warning: Some Geeky Content)

Okay, this is a bit creepy. I went back and re-read my e-mail, and I noticed something strange: The e-mail's from E, Val, and Audra were all sent at EXACTLY the same local time, to wit, 9:25 PM PST.

Talk about being on the same page...

So, it begs the question: What was I doing last night as all this e-mail was rushing toward me?

What else: A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of one of those "Hex" thingies that you see tacked up all over the place in Pennsylvania. You know, those round emblems covered with various shapes and drawings. Michele had started it earlier in the day. In fact, when i came home, she was stressing over it because she was trying to do it using the traditional approach of starting with the edges. The problem with this is the edges were all the same repeating scalloped pattern, making it difficult to figure out where to start. She told me later that she thought she was having a relapse and she was being un-smart.

Fortunately, I realized why she was stuck fairly quickly, and told her to start from the center and work her way out. She had it halfway done when I went upstairs last night, and told me that I could tinker with it while she made us dinner (grilled cheese...yum!). OCD boy emerged fairly quickly, and I had made substantial progress on it by the time she sat back down. We wound up finishing it a little after midnight.

After that I returned to my geeking about with the new Mac OS "Panther" release I had managed to score. Mac heads will be happy to know that it's looking VERY good for such an early release -- no kernal panics, and only a few glitches with a couple of apps, at least thus far. I'm sure I'll have it begging form mercy in no time. I'm resisting the temptation to switch to it, even though it's actually twice as fast as Jaguar, especially since it offloads a buttload of the GUI processing onto the graphics chip, freeing up the CPU to do real work... but I digress.
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