Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Quadraphobics Beware!

I can't believe I'm running up entry number *4* for today. I must have something else to say.

First, my last entry was inadvertantly time delayed... apparently the server barfed when I posted it at 1:30, so it didn't actually post until I backed up the browser and submitted it a second time. I don't check the entry ONCE, and that's the time it barfs. I should know better.

Michele is going to head down to Carmel tonight to crash with Robin, so I should go spend some time with her before she bails. This is a big deal, by the way... she hasn't driven herself ANY where in months. In fact, she made lunch for both of us today (french toast... the way I like it!), and this after making dinner last night. She's even talking about doing up a pot of chili this weekend.

I know I haven't spoken about it much at all, but she hasn't been anywhere near a 100% for so long, this is absolutely WONDERFUL. It's one of the things that seems to be going right in my life.

She's also heading out so I can clean house tonight without sending her into an asthma attack. The floors SO need a good vacuuming, so I doubt there'll be a fifth entry tonight... but I'm feeling bitchy, so I might write up a nice, vicious polemic about the idiocy that is our government before bed to get it out of my system.

Hmmm... maybe she's right. Maybe I *am* getting better.

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