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Fuzzy Boy In and Out

Finally got the re-fi done. Looks like we hit the basement on the rates for fixed rate 30 years at 5.25 (no points)... they're already above 5.75. Shaved 300 bucks a month. Excellent!

Of course, no re-fi would be complete unless there was a last minute panic. It had to be dated/shipped by today, so we (wisely, as it turned out) got it notarized to be sent out last night. It turns out I was lacking a page from the insurance papers, so a quick round trip to the house was in order. Then THOSE pages were the wrong ones, and we wound up going through the house for at least two hours trying to find them. Michele, to her eternal credit, went through a small bonfire of waste paper that went into recycling, so perhaps if was worth the hysteria for that alone.

Fortunately, I was able to call the insurance agent first thing this morning, and they faxed the page I needed to Roni's business. She even made a copy for me. My girlfriend rocks!

Hey, I'm catching "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on the Tivo. Later!
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