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Meanwhile, Later That Same Day...

Damn it all, my mom was right. Maybe your blood DOES thin or something as you live in warmer climes. I recall being able to handle 20 degree temps with little difficulty...it was single digits that gave me trouble. But today I find myself chilled constantly, as if I can't get warm. Even as I type this, I'm seriously considering getting into the tub to warm up...but that would mean walking on actual ICE.

Last night when ambar and I hit the aforementioned hot water container, I almost fell on my ass. For some reason, even though the girls had such a near catastrophic run in with black ice, it seemed almost mythical to me. Actually placing my bare foot on a sheet of ice formed on the back deck brought it all back.

Ambar seemed equally bemused by the experience, though I was worried about her more than I was for myself...she had taken a nasty spill yesterday, and her ankle and knee were pretty banged up. It's very strange having a lover who's legs have taken more of a beating than mine of late...I only have the one nasty bruise and cut where a log almost went through my right shin after an unfortunately placed hatchet knocked it toward me during an attempt to split it.

Of course, one of those bruises on her legs was from an incident in Maui, damn it all. I really have to get to that island some time...I want to swim in the ocean again, and see volcanos, and cute fat hawaiians of both sexes at the nude beaches the tourists don't go to. Not necessarily in that order.

I'll be it's warm there right now. Of course, I remember when temps in the 40's were something to be celebrated this time of year on Long(guh!) Island. It was 18 years ago this month when I first dreamt of moving to a warmer state, after getting frost bite on a day with a high temperature of 5 degrees F. Yes, *5*. Residents of Montana or Alaska might scoff at this, but it was finally way too cold for me.

There seems to be fewer places in the lower 48 that manage to avoid the low temps these days...Florida seems to be the only place that avoids them with any regularity, though that isn't always true either.


Will someone PLEASE tell me why Bush and Cheney are trying so hard to self destruct over the whole Enron/Energy Task Force thing? Do they think that high popularity ratings are a shield against being cagey and downright obstructive? Even their defense is deceitful: They're trying to make it sound like the GAO is asking for meeting minutes and records of the specific conversations, when all they've asked for is the names of who the White House spoke with and when they spoke with them. Of course, that's enough for people to realize that when the White House speaks of talking to representatives of industry and environmental groups, it probably spoke to a bunch of nuclear, gas, and coal power reps 99.9% of the time, and maybe two environmental and a smattering of "alternative" energy source advocates for a total of 5 minutes each. That the weighting would appear directly proportional to the personal relationship to the Bush family, or the amount of money that went toward the Bush presidential war chest, is entirely a coincidence.

The whole thing is as good a reason for a federal "Sunshine" law as I've ever seen, though I can't imagine a congress as corrupt as the Executive Branch wanting to hoist themselves by the balls like that.

In the meantime, it's interesting to see that Bush/Cheney are beginning to be spoken of in the same breath as Nixon/Watergate. There are fully 2.75 years until the next presidential election, which is an even longer time in politics than in the technical field. Drawing things out only hurts worse, unless the thing they're covering up IS worse.

Republicans standing up for the pres are only proving themselves the usual hypocrites: The only thing less relevant for public consumption would be, oh, I don't know, GW's sex life? This would be the same party that spent in excess of 60 million dollars trying to pin something on Clinton, only to fail utterly. So they got him dis-barred. Big whoop...who ever heard of an ex-president who practiced law?

I should make this clear...nothing interests me less than the shrubs sex life.
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