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Ugh. Just... Ugh.

Regular purveyors of my friends page will note I've dropped nonuglyfats. It was SO not what I expected... a bunch of teenaged twits being all "cuter than thou", and generally being rude and cliquish (yes, that's actually a word!) in that way only young women can be. I wish them well... but I can't recommend them to anyone.

However, kshandra turned me on to a community that shows a great deal of promise, namely curvedfocus, which (according to it's welcoming note) is for "Original photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc," of fat people. Since nudity is cool (with the judicious use of lj-cut tags) I've posted a couple of shots there. In fact, the FIRST shots. I think that's kinda cool, especially if it takes off.

Who knows... I might even manage to score a shoot for hire or two that way.

Anyway, off to bed.
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