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So Much For THAT Community!

Well, that was a short lived experiment. I was recently enthusiastically supporting the creation of another LJ community, curvedfocus, and now I find, to my regret, I must withdraw that support.

The main reason is in this letter I received from the creator of the community, which I respond to directly here:

From: tragic rabbit <shatteredcoffee@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Jul 19, 2003 8:19:05 PM US/Pacific
To: yohannon@rotunda.com
Subject: in reguards to your posts on curvedfocus

>dear yohannon,
>first i want to thank you for your very enthusiastic
>response to my new community, and for your willingness
>to post contributions. i really do appreciate it.
>however, after discussing it with a few members, and
>hearing some opinions of those watching the community
>already, there are a few concerns about the images
>you've posted and how they fit into the community.

>albeit, your images do fit some requirements [like
>size of models] i've come to the conclusion that they
>aren't quite what i was looking and hoping for. your
>shots seem more on the fetish/snapshot end of the
>spectrum, and at least one seems more likely to be
>found on a porn site for big women than on an artistic
>nude gallery. am i making sense?

>they just seem more
>focused on the fact that the women are big and, for
>the most part, naked, as supposed to a thought out
>shot that has any sort of meaning.

>i hope you don't take offense to this, and i hope you
>don't believe that it has anything to do with the size
>of the women, because that bothers and matters to me

>beacause i don't believe that these images really fit
>into curvedfocus i will be removing a majority of the
>posts you've made [sorry about this] and to avoid any
>confusion in the future i will be adding more to the
>rules/guidelines, and more than likely screening
>entries before they are posted.
>again, i hope you don't get offendde by this, and
>continue to participate in the community with more
>fitting material.

I've already deleted my remaining posts, and plan to leave to community immediately. While it's "her" community, and she is free to set whatever rules she wishes, I found her actions capricious, her motives more than vaguely insulting, and her apparent inability to use the "shift" key a symptom of her pretentious photographic intentions.

Before I posted a single picture, I made sure I read and understood the community rules. For those who might otherwise never go over to the community, I note those rules as they were posted (and still were as I wrote this):

Curved Focus is a community dedicated to sharing art that contains women who are not what society considers ideal, but we consider beautiful.


What you can post: Original photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc, done by yourself. This is to share our own art, not to rip off other people, so you must hold the copyright for whatever you post. [Anyone caught ripping off other artists will be removed immediatly and reported to livejournal.]

There are no rules on what your post contain, as long as it contains the overall 'theme' of this community. HOWEVER! to be respectful, if nudity is involved please put the image behind an lj-cut and give a little warning. Otherwise, post your nekkid selves away.
Also, on the topic of content, we're looking for artistic images, not snapshots. The quality or materials [cameras] used do not matter, as long as some creativity and thought was put behind it and the model or focus is "plus sized". Altered images are also permitted.

Image Sizes should not exceed 600 on any size, unless put behind an lj-cut.

Entries WILL be monitored, and anything not following any of these guidelines will be deleted.

Definition of plus sized: in the general area of at LEAST being a size 12. We're not talking about women who think they are overweight, and are not. We're talking meat here, not 'i just ate some pizza and ice cream, gained 5 pounds and am SO fat.'

If you have any issues/problems with seeing images of women of this size, don't look. If you have nasty comments, keep them to yourself. To avoid some problems anonymous comments will be disabled, and negative remarks left in concern to someones size will be removed. Small minded, hateful people will not be tolerated. [And this goes for anyone who wishes to creat any drama. big or not.]

The screaming irony here is the sense that she's shying away from a straightforward look at the beauty captured by these photos. Based on the pictures that have apparently passed muster, it would seem that the main purpose of the group is to hide fat girls in the shadows, essentially oppressing that beauty as much as any Richard Simmons clone.

Pissed? You better believe it. Yes, I thought maybe I should sleep on this... perhaps, if the artistic merit of the pictures had been debated openly, amongst the members of the community, I might have been, at worst, mildly annoyed. But deleting entries that adhered to the guidelines without even talking about it openly is sleazy, and a sign of a bad moderator. Changing the rules retroactively is a sign of an immature, socially stunted high school "A" list reject. I'm guessing she's fresh out of the local community college, where she took some photo courses from some closeted art fag reject dressed in a lot of black, and now knows what "art" is.

Ah much better. I'll post this, and by tomorrow morning will have moved on. Hell, I think I already have.

Since it looks like no one else will do it right, I've started fat_art. I promise I won't patronize you like bunnygirl did me.
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