Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Age and Treachery

Don't have too much time to update, as Roni is going to take me to get Dim Sum for Michele (pork buns and sesame balls... isn't that schwell?), as I am a Dim Sum naif. Yet I wanted to thank everyone who has ALREADY responded to my sudden desire to start a community, born as it was from aggravation. Actually, as much as I hate to admit it, that's pretty much been my pattern on the net since I first stumbled onto it in 1978 (when certain individuals were merely sperm, so to speak). I find something that seems like it would be a good fit, and run roughshod (usually unintentionally) over some unspoken boundary (the worst kind), and realize, yet again, I have to take the time to start something that isn't afraid to push the envelope.

That's how the Rotunda was started, back in '89, as a BBS. It's how I started alt.sex.fat and the website in '94. It's how the fat_sex mailing list started in '96. In a way, I guess I'm overdue to make some waves.

So far, I've received a couple of negative responses from the kinder-Arten crowd, which I'll be replying to when I have more time. Under the category of hysterical but true, when I first got the notes, I saw that they were posted 6 minutes apart, and at 5:30 AM...since the Mod Moderator was from central florida, my first instinct was to wonder what an artist was doing up at 8:30 AM on Sunday. I commented to Roni that I suspected that the second post was from a friend, or someone they knew from online, as the co-ordination of the posts seemed... odd. She added, "Or from the same house." I honestly wasn't that paranoid, and laughed it off.

Yet when I pulled up the posts on LJ, I was shocked to see that both posts were sent from the SAME IP ADDRESS... in other words, the same computer, or at least the same shared connection to the net (private IP addresses appear as the same address). At least, I hope it's two people...

Anyway, have to run. I'll be talking more about this later, because the knee jerk sex negative reaction actually has triggered some long standing internal (and sometimes external) debates on the nature of art and human sexuality, and how there seems to be a whole generation of sexual infants who refuse to grow up who could infect art as we know it... unless we fight back.
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