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Mid Week Replacement Entry*

* With virtually no narrative structure worth mentioning, so please... don't hurt yourself trying to find it.

Well, another of the clique at curvedfocus decided to send me a note to tell me how I sucked as an artist. Very constructive critiscism regarding my lighting and setting choices, reiterating the "porn snapshot" label. Since it was, once again, someone incapable of using the "shift" key, I'm not exactly taking it too much to heart.

fat_art Is gathering a momentum, at least as far as membership. I'm going to have to do something to get people to actually POST their own art... I don't want to be the only person up there, if only to avoid this whole thing turning into an exercise of mental masturbation.

Michele and I had a great evening at home last night... We made pizzas using Garlic bread as a base (yum!) and slock cooked a garlic chicken for today. Her health keeps improving every day, and the air cleaner I got on loan from lavendersage and lovingstones has made a major difference. Hopefully I can get the second one working again -- I recall it not working at their place, and even after a thourough (and long overdue) cleaning it refuses to start up. I might have to tear it apart, whip out the multi-meter, and see if I can figure out what's wrong. Hopefully it's just a blown fuse: The ionic purifiers are a bit too risky to do much more than obvious repairs to physical damage. I'm hoping it just got a little banged up in the move, as opposed to some sort of component failure.

Monday night Michele was supposed to head down Carmel way, but Rob wasn't up for the drive. That wasn't a problem, though since I confirmed just that afternoon that she was going to be gone, I asked Laurie to come up from San Jose. I hadn't seen her since her abortive attempt to make a relationship work in San Diego, and I missed her... she's good people.

As it turns out, Michele and Laurie hit it off: In Michele's words "I usually like the dykes you bring home." In fact, Laurie wants to drag Michele to Bingo night at the DeFrank center in San Jose. That Michele even wants to go is another sign she's really improving after being ill for so long.

Hey, the UPS guy just delivered my DigiKey order. DigiKey, for non electronics types, is the Amazon.com for the EE set. You can find pretty much everything you want there. Usually I hit them up for the odd replacement part or hard to find cable/connector. After using them for all these years, this is the first time I've never incurred the five buck service charge for an order under $25.00. Now all I need is the order from another company who had some hard to find parts for the prototype Eileen and I are breadboarding, and we could have a fully functional proof-of-concept by next week. I knock on wood as I say that -- this is the most complicated electronics product I've ever tackled outside of some pre-fabbed kits. If it works, it has some kick ass potential to be an actual product. If it doesn't...

Well, it'll work one way or the other. I have managed to work up an alternate schematic or two, and this isn't rocket science... hell, it's barely intermediate in terms of electronics. I made sure to buy some backup hardware to adjust, and (worst case) there's always Radio Shack if I need something different, spec wise.

In a way, last night was the best date night we've had in ages. I suspect the present from Eileen (labelled "awakinging") had something to do with it, though Michele having a sense of humor again really helps.
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