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The Wonderful World Of Catching Up

So, Roni and I spent last weekend in Boulder Creek, which was wonderful. But that's not what I wanted to write about.

Saturday, the plan was we'd go into Santa Cruz proper, grab some Pizza My Heart for lunch, and then get a tub at Kiva. Simple, but fun.

Of course, reality had the nerve to intrude. First, Roni desperately needed to replace her keds, and it was still too bright for her creamy white skin to bear bare, as it were. So we took a side trip to elegant yet trashy downtown Watsonville, where we could find the nearest Payless shoes for some size 12's and glittery laces.

By the time we returned to Santa Cruz it was around 4:30. Kiva was usually pretty easy to get a private room, as they have this great common area that most people opt for. If I remember aright, it was a lot cheaper and had all day in/out privs.

The first thing I noticed was the common area was noticeably further back into the parking lot than it was the last time I was there, which was a few months, at least. When we hit the lobby it was like walking into an alternate universe... EVERYTHING was different. While we waited our turn, we overheard the couple in front of us getting the bad news: The private tubs were closed for renovation.

So we decided to give Well Within a try, even though it usually was harder to get a tub. First bad sign: There was parking in front of the spa. I mean, there was no way we could park any closer short of running up the ramp and taking it to the lobby. Why is this a bad sign? Because it was too perfect. In what may be my first, hesitant expression of faith, I dropped in enough change to cover two hours.

When we got in, I asked if they had anything available that evening. Yup... 10:30 PM, a good 5 and a half hours later. We really wanted a soak, but couldn't think of enough to do to cover that amount of time.

Suddenly, divine intervention: The guy behind the counter suddenly says "Hey, wait a second... we might gave a tub right now!" Turns out there was a woman whose friend had to cancel at the last minute who was vaccilating on whether she was going to do a tub, and we helped make her decision for her.

We had a GREAT tub, and made sure to tip well on the way out. They REALLY appreciated being remembered that way.

Interesting how sometimes, things work out like this in real life. In a lot of ways I think it's the universe trying to cut me a minor break. Michele told me last week that my spiritual crisis was predicted by mars going retrograde, which (of course) presents an interesting dilemma as far as what to make of it.
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