Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Blocked At Every Turn

Damn it, I'm stuck.

The Book was coming along great, but I suddenly am jammed on the reconstruction of Interstate 5 (bring the whole family!), with George and Jess traveling back at about 100 mph to try and backtrack to where Jessie came from. I have NO idea what happens next, but it's pivotal to the whole "First Leg" of the "Tourists" saga. I can't even really jump ahead this time (which is how I got around the LAST block) because what happens at the base affects the climax of the leg at the New Grapevine Amusement Park (which promises to be a boomfest of Bruckheimian proportions, regardless).

II have a weird relationship with blocks. Obviously, I've not become a writing paraplegic -- I can still write this, for example. I could just try writing something completely different for a bit, if only to shake up my muse a bit.

lovingstones did give me a gift Monday that *might* help, but I hate to resort to whapping inspiration upside the head. It tends to not like that much. In fact, it sometimes results in some very bizarre writing. Yes, MORE bizarre.

(heavy sighing heard from the direction of western mountains)

Well, I'll try to pick something at random and work on that for a bit.
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