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August... Already?

I even posted an entry without really noticing that it's an entirely different month. Even this morning, contemplating the bizarre weather Norther California is going through (rain? Thunderstorms? MUGGINESS, for goddess sake?!) I caught myself thinking "What's up with rain in July?" BZZZZZT! Thank you for playing!

Spent yesterday driving around the bay. It started as a trip to the movies (Roni wanted to check out "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" so we could listen to Sean Connery talk), and began to morph before we even left the house. First, I got it into my head to meet penguin_goddess for lunch in Dublin, at Mimi's Cafe. Fool that I am, I forgot it was Friday, and traffic was INSANE. Fortunately Kim is a sweetheart, and didn't get pissed at how late we wound up being.

Kim and Roni seemed to hit it off a lot better this time as they swapped work war stories (and I lived vicariously through same). I wish I could detail some of the conversation here, but there is much machvellian maneuvering going on Kim's side, and Roni's situation is still a bit delicate as it involves a former employee completely losing his mind. Poor Kim couldn't find her car as we left, though I managed to spot it by mistaking the stuffed animal on the dash for Eeyore (it was Poomba, actually), a favorite of hers. Dumb luck.

Roni and I hit the next showing of "League" five minutes before the showing. The only issue were these two idiots who wouldn't stop TALKING through the whole thing. I mean, an actual, full bore conversation. The third time I told them to please be quiet, one of them decided to threaten me... a BIG mistake. He was trying to make with the "I'm scary and black, so the white boy's gonna back down real fast". The exact quote at the end of THAT conversation was:

"You best be hushing up yourself if you don't want to be hurt, hear me?"
"Oh, I hear you," (locking with his eyes, not blinking. I lean in a few inches and drop my voice a tad). "I hear you... but I'm not listening."

I then blew him a kiss, waited until they started talking to each other AGAIN, and went to narc on them. Of course, theater management was worse than useless... they did quiet down a bit, but they were still being rude. Roni told me later that the guy who challenged me actually made a comment after I left, "He's just going to get his ass hurt." Right. Macho bullshit. Next time, I'll just dial 911 and have the police sort it out. Theater management will just LOVE that...

I'm happy to say that was the worst thing to happen all day. We left, and began a strange odessey involving finding an AM-PM store with a special sort of crushed ice machine that Roni likes. During this I got a cryptic voicemail from kshandra that she really needed to get out of the house. As she put it, it's not my story to tell. However, we did wind up having a lovely dinner at Chevy's and cheering her up a bit. A happy Koosh is a beautiful thing...

After we dropped her back off at Offhand Manor, Roni and I resumed our search for crushed ice. People who know me tolerate this extremely well, but I sometimes get a bit obsessive about challenges. Roni was being impressed with my indulging her in her foible for the perfect crushed ice, and I had to drill into her the point that she cut me a lot of slack for mine.

It was hard NOT to take it personally: We kept finding places with The Machine, but the first was out of order, the next two were closed (at 10:30... what kind of convenience store closes that early on a Friday?) and several locations were in the midst of re-modeling.

The last one we checked was in Foster City (closed), so I suggested heading over the bridge back to Hayward to scope out the one place we missed earlier before heading over to Kirsten's on our mission of mirth. It was a beautiful night for a drive... at midnight the roads were clear, the temps were still mostly in the 70's, and the fog was gorgeous.

When we hit the other side of the bay, I called lavendersage to get her help locating the last place. I also warned her that I might be stopping by to use the facilities, as I desperately needed to relieve myself before my bladder did something akin to bursting like a water balloon.

Last time was a charm! Roni filled up two 44 ounce cups, and we stopped at Audra and lovingstones place for my pit stop. Audra was impressed when she heard the splashing... my reference to Austin Powers after being frozen was lost on her. Can you believe she hasn't seen ANY of the movies?

I love you anyway, hon.

By the time we made it back to SF at 1 AM, I was pretty much done for the day.
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