Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Fun And Fuming

So, last night I spent a lovely time with dragonwitching, who fed me and watched DVD's (amongst other things). She had never seen "Death to Smoochy" (which is delightfully wrong, and horribly under-rated), and she had me watch "XXX" (which was actually a lot better than I expected). We were going to spend some moer time together today, except her mother was going to pick her up (her alternator is shot) on her was to a doctor's appointment, and THAT event was re-scheduled to 10 AM. Which meant i had to be awake at 8:30. Ugh...

On the way back to Hayward to pick up Michele's Pork Buns, I tried to make a cell call... and got dumped into their automated customer service. What the hell...

I knew there was a problem with the phone billing, but I thought I had fixed it online (despite getting bizarre errors on Verizon's site). Ok, great... so I re-enter my Amex, hit the appropriate menu choice... and find myself talking to a customer service rep in person.

I figure there had to be a problem with the Card, so I had them check the account. According to them, My balance is zero, and my phone should be working. Woohoo...

Try to call on the cell a few minutes later, and get redirected to ANOTHER department. This time they tell me the balance is STILL what it was before I attempted to make a payment: SO I try again. The Amex comes back decclined.

Ok, no worries,I'll use the ATM card. THAT comes back declined.

So, essentially my cell phone (the only number that places I've applied for jobs have, as I'm using Roni's place in San Francisco for an address when applying to places located near there)is kaput until I can find out what's going on. So I stop at lavendersage's place in Hayward and call home. No answer. Leave message with Audra and lovingstones' home number. Call Audra to let her know I'm at her place, as now I'm too confused to even drive home. Hell, I don't think I have enough gas to get out of the mountains once I'm there, since now I have no way to get more gas (short of siphoning out of the Volvo).

What Yo Does For Anger Management: He cleans. A lot. I channel all that frustration and annoyance into my OCD componant of ADHD, and get a bit crazy. Audra, Eileen, and Audra's mom have had trouble catching up since Audra's b-day a few weeks ago, so I figure it would be a nice thing to do to pass the time while I await Michele's call.

So, fast forward about 6 hours to now: The place is incredibly clean, I've had a chance to shower, the girls are home (and very appreciative), I'm starving (a good sign... I've been having a weird week food wise) and I have no clue what to do next. I tried calling the house again about 30 minutes ago, but still no answer and no call back. I'm well over the whole "annoyed" thing, and now am almost worried. Michele hasn't been leaving the house much, though she HAS been feeling better... I'm hoping she just decided to go with Rob somewhere since I was out last night.

I'll probably try again after I post this.
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