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Strange Weather in Northern Cal, Again...

It rained here today. I'm beginning to realize that, in ten or so years, we'll be sitting around swapping stories about how it NEVER used to rain during the summer here before the globe warmed.

Finally got my teeth cleaned today... a slot opened up that allowed Michele and I to get it done at the same time. Squeaky clean teeth and a clean bill of dental health. Hopefully, I'll have enough insurance in 6 months to keep it up.

Just discovered that yet another former lover is getting everyone's favorite medically sanctioned form of the starvation diet (or bulimia), Weight Loss Surgery. It's kinda depressing, as I *still* haven't known anyone to be either happy or alive after getting one of those. I've also noticed that, once people have been indoctrinated convinced that it's their only option, it's damn near impossible to sway them.

It's amazing how news like that can just knock the wind from your sales, inspirationally speaking. I think I need to just post this and crash for a bit... maybe I'll feel more like writing tomorrow.
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