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Kill Your TV

So, two weeks ago we made a pre-emptive purchase of a new TV to avoid losing the idiot box, as the old one was certain to die, and soon. So what happens tonight, after spending over 600 bucks and lugging this 120 pound behemoth up two stories? We turn on the TV, and all I see is raster. Raster, for the non-technically inclined, it a pattern that, to be blunt, is only visible if the brightness is cranked up too far, which is almost all the time, as the brightness should be adjusted so that it JUST disappears, and then you're supposed to use CONTRAST to adjust for viewing conditions. In this case, the raster was almost WHITE, pulsed, and the protective circuitry kicked in to shut the set down.

Say it with me now... What the FUCK?!

This set is not two weeks old, and was working fine the last time Roni used it (two nights ago). It's on a surge protector, and hasn't even been used for fifty hours all told. Of course, now I know WHY my gut reaction was to go with the Samsung, which was 50 bucks more. At the time I thought I was being weird... but this happens every damn time I get that weird feeling I can't back up with logic. I spent 30 minutes with Roni trying to spot the reason why I preferred the Samsung, but the Zenith looked FINE, so I over-ruled instinct. Okay, I beat it into whimpering submission with a large, blunt instrument.

So as the Labor Day holiday weekend begins, I have to wrestle this bastard of a paper weight back DOWN those stairs, boxing it up first, and drag it back to Serramonte Circuit City. Then I get to bring another one back UP the stairs. This time, I'm going to get the hand truck from the cafe, load it into the monster of a Volvo Noe leases, and hopefully that will reduce a lot of hysteria. In fact, Yo Is Now Inspired: Get the truck BEFORE bringing the monster TV downstairs. Duh...

If I wasn't already depressed, I made the serious error of reading the NY Times articles about the 9/11 transcripts. By the end of the article I was in tears, Roni was consoling me, and I was apologizing profusely for the Post Traumatic response. 2 years later, and I'm still having that sort of response. I suppose I'll find myself bursting into tears about it 10 years from now, or 50.

What makes me most angry about it is how Bush has managed to take their memories and sully them by his half-assed imperial expansion. Bush isn't evil, folks... he's far worse. He's MEDIOCRE.

Michele and I were talking about that a bit Tuesday night. She's been following Dr. Dean's march toward the white house with a great deal of interest. I came out of that conversation seriously considering volunteering for that campaign. Applying some of the passion I haven't been able to apply in my personal life for something worthwhile. I know, a lot of people are thinking "Why the HELL would a registered Libertarian be doing stomping for Dean?" To be honest, because I'm tired of limp, uninspiring presidents. Clinton won simply because, next to Bush Sr., he was the life of the party. Bush Jr. won... if only on a constitutional technicality... because he had slightly more personality than Gore. I think I've said it here before: I may disagree with some of Dean's positions, but at least he BELIEVES in those positions with the same level of heart as I would. For that reason alone I would vote for him, and if I can't be working in my chosen field, then at least I can do SOMETHING with myself.

My theory is that 2004 has some pretty startling parallels to 1960... the same way JFK beat Nixon, thanks in large part to having a clue about TV, Dean will beat Bush because he "gets" the 'Net.

Besides, how long has it been since we've had a president from the North East? Ponders... Texas, Arkansas, Texas, California, Georgia... where the hell was Ford from? Well, he hardly counts... I think Nixon was California, Texas... Massachusetts. That was JFK... cue the twilight zone theme music.
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