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Kill Your TV (The Saga Continues)

Well, getting the "old" TV out was marginally less awful than we thought it would be, thanks in large part to help I got from Roni's roomie, Gene. Between the two of us we were able to get it downstairs, where I boxed it up and shoved into the Volvo (with Roni's help).

Points to Circuit City of Serramonte: They took the old set back with no problems. The guy behind the counter had a sense of humor ("I thought I told them disposable TV's would never fly!") and took good care of us.

There was a minor kerfluffle when we got to the TV department... seems the Sansung we wanted was no longer on sale, making the difference in price 100 bucks instead of fifty. No worries, I figure the management might be willing to talk. After all, it's not OUR fault the damn Zenith barfed after the sale was over. Unfortunately, the guy on the floor was too dense to understand this, and wouldn't ask the manager to come out after we specifically asked -- I suspect there was some sort of major communication breakdown on his part... he seemed to think we wanted to get the Samsung at the sale price of the ZENITH.

Fortunately, when we went back to talk to the manager, he was like "Well, I see no problem doing that!" and he had one of the assistants work the magic... and we got the Samsung loaded into the back of the Volvo by a dyke so butch I thought she was a cute boy for the first minute or so.

So, got back, trundled the TV upstairs on the hand truck (Gene was, ironically enough, lifting weights at the gym) and hooked it up. Turned it on, and discovered that the cable was out. After going over everything, I get the brilliant idea to check the TV downstairs -- Comcast, the people who make these incredibly stupid ads slamming Sat Dishes, was out. Still is. Since one of the reasons we were dragging the TV in and out so quickly was so Roni could catch the game tonight (go niners!), so this made us laugh in that resigned, slightly hysterical way that only something this STUPID could induce.

So, we're watching Queer Eye on the Tivo. Back in a bit!
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