Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Clean Clothes... Mmmmmm....

So, Wednesday we finally received our new dryer. Of course, it wouldn't be worth more than a sentence if it wasn't for the silliness on the part of the delivery company.

I was up early (we had a 8am to noon delivery window), and was standing on the front deck when this truly huge truck pulls up. For those of you not familiar with the House at Boulder Creek, this road is barely a step above a really long and windy driveway, complete with a drop off on one side, a fairly intense culvert on the other (hey, it rains a up here. A lot) and trees and brush EVERYWHERE. This truck was a step below a semi, in fact the largest vehicle I have ever seen on that road.

Even from the deck I hear this deep, mirthful laugh... you know, the kind you let loose when you HAVE to laugh.

It belonged to one of the delivery guy, who I immediately take a liking to. When I asked him what his company was thinking sending him up into the mountains in a behemoth like that, he laughed again. "That's not the worst part. All we have in here are two dryers and two firdges." He wasn't kidding -- when he threw up the back door to the truck, it was virtually empty: I've had APARTMENTS with less room than what was in this truck.

They did a great job (his partner didn't talk much... I think he didn't speak english), and I made sure to slip Laughing Man a folding gratuity (fortunately Ron had a ten handy), if only for not being all grumpy and pissy about it. I almost wish I had another ten to give him after I watched him pull off a minor miracle by squeaking the truck around and down the road without taking anything out... or rolling it.

So, I finished the household chores (whilst doing a load of laundry... huzzah!) and headed up to Sacramento to see dragonwitchling for an evening of snuggling, movies, and general moving support. Since she's about to wind up living with her Mom again in the next month or so, this could be the last time we can spend alone until... hell, I have no idea.

I managed to screw up big time. When Chris scheduled this, I completely forgot that I had a lunch get together with Toria... I felt terrible when she called me today wondering where I was. I know, mistakes can happen... but it had been AGES since we had seen one another, and I could tell she was hurt. I *so* have to do something nice to make up for it.
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