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Okay, today while eating at Mel's with Chris in Sacramento (the one near the CSUS campus), I spotted Yogi Berra being interviewed on ESPN. The sound was off, but the caption under the talking head was "Yogi Berra - Author". Now, maybe you have to be from New York (like moi) to truly appreciate the humor of that... maybe not.

However, I now find myself in the position of legitimately having the same caption -- the erotica anthology I sold a piece to WAAAAAY back in February has finally come out! "5 Minute Erotica", a collection of short erotica pieces from Running Press, should be available soon from Good Vibrations (at the very least). Prelimary word via the amazing Dr. Carol Queen is that reviews are positive. There's a reading tentatively scheduled for December 9 at their store on Polk Street in SF... I'm still getting up the courage to RSVP for that one. If enough people show up to get copies autographed, I might be convinced.
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