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Things Are Looking Up A Bit

Well, even if I couldn't fix Kim's machine last night, I DID manage to bring back to life the box that's been sitting in her garage for a very long time. Ripped out the apparently bad SCSI card and knocked the stalled hard drive... and damn if the thing didn't boot up. Shades of the Fonz!

But that was just a fun coda to the evening: I also managed to get Linda T's system working again (which means I can get it back to her tomorrow) AND print off the one label I needed to complete an order that Roni's hand delivering (that's gotta be weird: "Here's the CD with pics of me cavorting naked you purchased"), thus completely clearing the To Do list I concocted Monday. A list, I should add, I thought I wouldn't finish until Friday.

Now, I've had a heavy lunch (yes LUNCH... I've been a bad Yo, and sorta only had a quick snak mid afternoon in lieu of REAL food) and am sitting here feeling smug at my meager accomplishments of the day, and not even the fact that it's the second anniversary will get me down. Of course, a large part of that is watching the Shrub self destruct, which is almost enough to cheer anyone up.
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