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Keew Errazib A Tahw

Still feeling... well, odd. I know, that's about as descriptive of my so called normalcy, but I'm referring to what must be the incipient changing of the seasons, almost upon us once again (even here in Sunny California, land of the on again/off again/who knows recall election from hell).

Had a great time with lavendersage and lovingstones this sunday past, with an extra bit of fun with the latter (waves at Eileen) heading off to Fry's to build a PC for Audra's mom. I know, I tried to give them one of my old Macs, but it's the old story of training a newbie on something you already know, and as much of a Mac zealot (no, not really... the actual Mac zealots are real pains in zee butt) as I am, I wanted to make things as simple as possible.

While at Fry's for our first bit of shopping I encountered what I now refer to as the "kilt effect", that strange sense that people will go out of their way to be nice to someone wearing a kilt. In this case one of the motherboard/CPU combos that Fry's was pushing seemed like a "good enough" deal, when this guy rushes over to us and tells us that we should avoid that motherboard like the plague... he had purchased one a few months earlier, and it had chosen to die right after the 30 day return limit. He actually apologized for "bothering" us, even as I'm thanking him. I only wish someone had done as much before Roni and I bought the Zenith last month.

Eileen was constantly amused by the fact that fate kept sending cute babes walking by the entire time we were there -- She is now firmly of the opinion that Fry's is probably the best place to pick up cute fat geeky babes. Funny thing is, as much as I've SEEN eye candy at Fry's I've never actually flirted with anyone at any of the many bay area locations I've literally spent hours at, sometimes per visit. It honestly never ocurred to me. How weird is that?

Too tired to finish... later!
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