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Food Good, Tree Pretty...

I'm having a REALLY weird week.

First, it turns out that, thanks to a slightly dyslexic e-mail from Rob, my jury group number wasn't 3992, but 3922. This subtle, yet critical difference resulted in me inadvertantly blowing off jury duty. Rob mea culpa'd and I called the office of jury selection fully expecting to be in seriously bad trouble.

Fortunately, since I hadn't tried to postpone before, I could just postpone this time. I picked the week of October 20, which is early enough to avoid the whole Samhain thing.

Damn it, this is the third or fourth time I went to say something IMPORTANT about my life, and hit this weird block... I think I need to go and straighten various portions of my psyche out. Okay, I need to strap said portions to the wall and beat them senseless, until they beg for mercy.

That's the ticket.
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