Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Sending A Cable To Hell

So Roni's Cable died today. Yesterday, actually, from what was recorded before it decided to die...

Now, those of us in the Bay Area have been subjected to these ads from Comcast for months about the evils of satellite dishes. You know, how unstable teh service is, those obnoxious contracts, crappy customer service. Maybe they've been showing them nation-wide, maybe not.

But hey have them here, and they've always annoyed the crap out of me. Taking the most incompetent and unapologetically stupid people they could find to justify the horror of the dish and presenting them in a market where technical expertise is, on average, a tad higher than it might be elsewhere in this great nation of ours pisses me off.

Then the almighty cable dies for the second time in two weeks (acknowledged as a part of a major upgrade in the area by one of the many service calls we've made today) and we get nothing but static in trying to get it fixed. I literally am THIS close to going out and getting Roni a dish, just so we can have the satisfaction of telling them to take their pissant cable and shoving it until it comes out of their nose.

Making things worse is that Roni splits her cable with two rommates, and they make it really hard to even schedule service without information Roni doesn't have immediately on hand. Even swapping the box was a major deal, where they wanted a LETTER from the guy who's name is on the bill (something the obnoxious phone person neglected to tell us). Fortunately they let it slide this time. Gee, thanks...

Of course, I already was sure it wasn't the box. When we got back, the new box did nothing to bring it back. The soonest we can get someone to come out to fix it is October 16th... three weeks from now. Poor Roni is ready to melt down, as things are kinda tight this week for her, so TV is pretty much her sole form of entertainment.
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