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Run For Lives... Yo Sang!

So, kshandra called yesterday looking for a ride to dinner and karaoke, and Roni and I decided it sounded like fun. Thus began an great evening...

We had a hell of a time getting out of the city, so we were running late as it was when I realized (halfway down 280, when the only sign of civilization was Stanford's radio astronomy dish) that we were sucking gas fumes. I finally pulled into the a service station in Cupertino and filled up -- 14.5 gallons. Which, considering it's a 14 gallon tank, was kinda amazing.

Got to K's, where she emerged wearing a wonderful top and practically vibrating in a good way (as opposed to Yo's tendency to just vibrate). Despite being a good 30 minutes late getting to San Jose, we were only about 10-12 minutes late getting down to Redwood City, which is respectable Pagan Standard Time.

Dinner was okay, though the morons behind the counter kept screwing up Roni's order: She wanted a chicken salad salad, with some chopped hard boil eggs tossed on. Somehow, in spite of giving the order about six times, they brought a CHINESE Chicken Salad with OUT the egg. When we sent it back, they brought it back with the chicken strips, WITH the egg. Third time we got the chicken salad, but when she started to eat she realized that all they had done was remove the strips of chicken and added the salad. BZZZZZZZZT! Thank you for playing!

Well, for dessert we got frozen yogurt a short walk away. I ordered a SMALL cone, and got this monster that was difficult to finish at best. After that, we headed off to the American Legion hall a few blocks away soo all could watch Yo humilate himself.

Mind you, the only reason I got up there was so Roni would sing. SHE can sing... at best I bellow. I wound up doing "Only The Good Die Young" (perfect for the lapsed Catholics in the audience), my old school song (the Kinks "Lola"), and my short tribute to the recently late Robert Palmer, "Addicted to Love". Roni did "Love, Me", "Caberet" and "Nobody". Roni sounded wonderful, I sounded out of breath.

We left around midnight so we could make it back to the city before we reverted to pumpkins. We'll have to do that again... maybe with an even larger crowd, next time.
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