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I Need A New Hat

I was struck recently that I don't like the baseball cap thing as much as I used to. I mean, I've been wearing the garage.com cap for the longest time now... pretty much since I began working there, actually. Damn near 5 years. People sometimes ask me why I still wear it after I was laid of by said firm, and I reply:
  1. It has a really nice cloth and brass buckle that allows you to PRECISELY size the thing so that it isn't so tight that you give yourself a headache, nor so loose that it flies off your head when the car windows are rolled down whilst you sing "Thunder Road" along with Bruuuuuce, albeit off-key. The latter actually happened (sans the singing) to Roni when her 49'er hat (with that tacky plastic clasp thingy in the back) when returning from the Market Street Safeway one fine evening recently. I managed to retrieve the hat, FYI.

  2. It's a nice color... a sort of khaki green. Earthy.

  3. When they laid me off they pulled some pretty creative accounting to find a way to give me my vested shares, free and clear, with no out of pocket. Thusly you may consider this reasons 3 through 25,403 why I'll do anything to make sure they succeed. One day, they'll IPO... and I could really use that money.
Yet now I find my sense of style shifting on me. Perhaps that damn "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is to blame. I suspect something a little deeper than that, a feeling that I need something that looks better with the Kilt, or even when I'm just hanging out.

lovingstones has already decreed that she'd be happy to take me hat shopping, which sounds like fun. Of course, I only know of one hat store first hand in santa cruz, and I suspect it won't have what I'm looking for. Ah well, if I'm MEANT to have a new hat, one will force itself into my life when I least expect it.

BTW, for my fellow mac users: I am using a new off-line client that simply BLOWS iJournal out of the water (not to mention that piece of coding excrement known as "Phoenix", thus called because you have to constantly re-launch it after it dies on you) called XJournal. iJournal was fine, but had the unfortunate tendency to die if it disconnected from the server unexpectedly, which was often enough via dial up at home, but also happening with depressing regularity when LJ itself hiccoughed into oblivion, taking several very long posts with it.

XJournal, on the other hand, has so many cool AND useful features I can't even begin to describe them here. Download it and check it out.
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