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Bizarre Financial Alchemy Secrets... Revealed!

There is a portion of the "friends only" entry that I wanted to share, as it has a cool link or two in it...so I'm putting it behind a cut to avoid annoying the people on my friends list who've already seen it.

There was this incredible burst of energy I had Tuesday that resulted in me accomplishing more yard work in 4 hours than I had managed the previous two months. Literally decimated the blackberry bushes from hell -- don't feel bad... the fuckers did so much damage to one arm it looked like I had stuck it in a barrel of fighting cats. That's WITH the long sleeve denim shirt on and gloves. Even managed to get the various tree limbs that have been blocking large portions of the driveway for months broken down and composted.

Thus feeling virtuous I took off to drag kshandra to a hot tub. I figured that a good long soak with a incredibly sexy friend would do wonders for my mood. Of course, this was a perfect set up for the universe if there ever WAS one, so...

The ride to K's place was uneventful... a nice ride down 9 as KPIG played the original radio broadcast of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First" routine in it's entirety (it's STILL funny, all these decades later) and even though I was a few minutes behind my self imposed schedule leaving, I still got to K's place 10 minutes early.

The rest is too personal to reveal as yet. Yes, this is a man that has been naked on the 'Net for a decade... so you can imagine how intense this is.

Today was odd in that, despite being out of work myself for more than 2.5 years, and Michele being laid off recently herself, I managed to convince a bank to loan us 65 thousand dollars at a rate low enough to make sense. Since part of the money is paying off the balance of my Bug and an unsecured loan, we suddenly have 500 bucks LESS in payments, but a goodly sum leftover for some home improvement stuff, a semester at Mills College so Michele can finally complete her BA, and (perhaps) a new portable for moi.

Of course, it's the magic of owning a house. After the ordeal of actually getting INTO this place (there's a good reason buying a house is in the high stress top ten) it seems almost karmic, after a fashion. To be safe I made damn sure that I borrowed a lot less than what the house is worth, the plan being if this huge gamble that things will get better in the next 6 to 12 months doesn't pay out we'd STILL walk away debt free and with cash on hand if we were forced to sell.

I was going to mention another Thing That Made Yo Really Happy, but then I realized that I wanted to surprise people that read this journal with the news, and so will wait until Sunday.

Now excuse me... I'm dying to see how they manage to bring Spike back from the Apparently Dead (as in dying and taking all of Sunnydale with him) on the season premier of Angel, already on the Tivo. Later!
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