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It's Election Day in California: Hide Your Children!

Well, I thought I had my mental ballot all filled out for my civic duty come tomorrow... er, later today. Then Michele filled me in on some putrid goings on in the local school board recall that actually changed my mind. I plan to vote for the recall to oust the idiots... I mean, I was all for fiscal responsibility in the face of shortfalls, but to find that even the closures were motivated by board members who would rather not have to bus their kids to a brand new (well, about 12 years old) school, only to spend the money on the 80+ year old deathtrap to set up temp classrooms. Okay, even sleazier is to say to the community "We need X amount of dollars by such and such a date to keep one of the schools open", only to back out when the community puts out the effort and actually walks in with a CHECK for that amount. "Oh, we didn't think it was possible, so it was an easy empty promise..."

You see, this is what recalls are for: to oust the truly incompetent for basically not being able to do their goddamn jobs. Gray Davis' worst crime is being "unpopular", something that didn't seem to fail to get him re-elected LAST year. Whiney republicans claim it's due to his "meddling" in the republican primary, thus "forcing" them to nominate someone he could beat.

Boo-fucking hoo. Y'all lost then, and it looks like y'all are going to lose again.

I'm voting no on the recall, voting for one of the libertarian candidates (just in case), no on all the propositions.
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