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Liar, Liar...

So, there's this Meme floating around LJ called 4 truths and a lie. The idea is I make five statements, and y'all decide which one is the lie.

  1. As a result of a frame up job, I was interviewed by the secret service for threatening the life of the President of These United States (as opposed to the Other United States, I imagine...)

  2. I lost my virginity in a tree house on long island with two fat women at once.

  3. Camryn Manheim once played with my nipples in public.

  4. I once had sex in a industrial sized stainless steel sink that I regularly washed pots in while working a cafeteria in college.

  5. I have starred in a full length porn movie, a large part of which was loosely based on my own life.

Note: No fair if you already know which are which giving it away to those who don't... I promise to give FULL explanations for each truth/lie in a later post.
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