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Learning to become a Perl Diver...

I am fearful...I *like* Perl. Thus far I've crammed O'Reilly's Llama book (Learning Pearl...thanks to ambar for the loan! :) and now I'm working on the much beefier "Programming Perl" (brought north from SD by the Lovely Valerie, leftover from Hans' old Perl training class...since the tome runs 50 bucks, this poor broke geek is incredibly grateful), already designing CGI scripts and such in my head. Tasty...

While I sit here playing with scripts, I'm listing to the best radio station on earth, Freedom California's KPIG (one-oh-seven OINK five). They have a wonderful synopsis of what the Shrub has really accomplished in the last year:

State of the President

Right now there is actually a discussion of a south american musician who was known for playing a live pig as a musical instrument by tickling the pig in various places.

Since there is nothing I can say that could POSSIBLY top that for sheer weirdness...
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