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Parking Karma

So, Roni and I met with penguin_goddess at Emery Bay ("Conveniently located in Emeryville") for lunch and "Runaway Jury" (BTW, screw the critics... this is a solid little thriller, maybe not of artsy classic proportions, but tasty with performances that are a delight to watch... but I digress). As we're about to park we're blocked by this git trying to back his over-priced Pro-Terrorist SUV into a compact space near the door. What's ticks me off is that there was no reason to park there... parking at that particular mall is plentiful, and there were full size spaces across the same aisle.

Roni said something that made me think that my attitude is contagious in good ways: "Maybe he thought 'compact' referred to the size of his dick". Sweet!

Adding to the fun was the knowledge that he had parked further than he thought... level 2 is actually a sort of "mid level", so he would have to go up or down a flight of stairs to get to where-ever he needed to go. By parking on the third floor we got an even CLOSER parking space to the entrance, and never had to take the stairs at all.

I know I'm not one to talk, but it's a wonder some people survive to procreate.
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