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In Which So-Called Novelists Protest

Well there's this event called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) wherein people are given an opportunity to write a novel in 30 days through mutual support and peer pressure. The idea is to get people over that hump of actually DOING it, whether it's "publishable" or not.

Well, there are some who view this is as a direct attack upon the sanctity of novelists, such as this little tirade:

In Which We're All Told What For

My immediate reaction to this is that they are perfectly free to have this opinion, and I'm perfectly free to call them a tight assed humorless schmuck with an odd idea of how to "protect" ones profession. In this case, they seem to forget there's already a considerable amount of mediocre crap that's published every year, and that if people want to call themselves artists, novelists, or whatever, that's their right, and this overwrought example of anal-cranial inversion will do little, if anything, to change that.

If you think that this project is "mocking" so-called "real" novelists, I recommend therapy.
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