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Some Days The News Pisses Me Off

Ok, so it's probably just overall grumpiness borne of the fact that I can't seem to shake off some weird dreams, but there are news items out today that just seem to be deliberately skewed to ticking me off. I know, I'm just being overly sensitive.

First, a suggestion -- I want everyone to to be a favor and post the following statements in a journal post over the next week, alone with instructions for their friends to do the same:
  • There is no evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

  • Iraq probably did not ever have any weapons of mass destruction. While there's no doubt they WANTED the darn things, that didn't have the means, materials, or the skills to actually produce them.

  • Iraq had little to do with terrorist activity before the US invasion.

  • Iraq had NO... I repeat, NO... connection to Al Quaida or the attacks on 9/11/01

  • The Bush administration has deliberately lied and publicly contradicted itself on all of the above.

Why the desire to state what should be fairly obvious? Because, according to a Harris poll released over the last day or so, fully 60% of americans surveyed still believe that Iraq actually HAD WoMD, and 30% actually think they've been found. 40% still think that the Bush administration was accurate when they implied a link between Saddam and Al Qaida (even though they were completely diametrically opposed to one another on almost every level).

Those of you who are unclear about my political leanings should understand that this isn't some liberal democrap knee-jerk reaction. Hell, with the net anyone can research what the administration actually said then, vs. the amazing example of back peddling that we're now witness to. Even the whole "we'll be, like, liberators, you know?" idea is rapidly being dashed as the ""New Reconstruction" of Iraq is mismanaged beyond all recognition. Where were the advisors with the sense to realize that whole countries can fall prey to Stockholm Syndrome? That the worst thing you can do is get between a beaten spouse and their abuser?

As if Bush weren't already sinking his chances for re-election enough, he has to be dumb enough to say something to generate this kind of headline:

U.S. Not Ready for Total Abortion Ban, Bush Says

I'm sure the spinning has already begun.
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